Cheddar Cheese Press Tool Launched

The new Cheddar Cheese Press tool is useful for preparing model files for mobile devices.  It is recommended that all Mobile Model Viewer models are first processed by this tool.  This tool optimizes model files.  It converts polygons to triangles and optimizes texture sizes.  The tool can also email your model file to your device.  It’s free to use!

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Mobile Model Viewer has been officially released!

The new Mobile Model Viewer Android application has been released on Google Play.  This exciting application can parse 3D COLLADA models and display them on a mobile device.  Here are some screen shots:


The Main Menu




A Wheel of Cheese

Click here to check it out on Google Play

Take a look at the User Manual for it here:

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Sample Models For Your Use

To download the COLLADA (.dae) sample models created by Disgruntled Rats, click here!

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Why Use Mobile Model Viewer?

Mechanical Engineer
    – show 3D part or system

    – show house architecture to customer
    – show portfolio of past houses

    – show model portfolio to customer

Game Developer
    – demonstrate units

    – show 3D model of molecules
    – math teacher showing basic shapes to class

Everybody Else!
    – email screenshot
    – give presentation with 3D idea
    – load model
    – view model
    – rotate model
    – adjust zoom on model
    – pan across model
    – switch models
    – email crash report

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